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Raisoo, Gọi điện cho iPhone 4, iPhone 4S , iPod touch gen 1,2,3,4 giá rẻ

Raisoo, Gọi điện cho iPhone 4, iPhone 4S , iPod touch gen 1,2,3,4 giá rẻ

Giá bán: 1.500.000 Đ
Hết hàng
Thương hiệu: Apple

Tư vấn mua hàng miễn phí

1900 2667

T2 - T7 (9:00 - 18:00)

CN (9:00 - 15:00)



Hướng dẫn cài đặt :

How to install the Raisoo Peel Phone and Messages apps

The instructions are the same for both versions of the device.

  • Required: Jailbroken 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation iPod Touch
  • iOS Firmwares between 4.0 and 5.1.1 are currently supported

Step 1: Add Sources in Cydia

  • Open Cydia, on the bottom tap Manage, select Sources. In the upper right corner tap Edit, in the upper left corner Add. Enter http://apt.raisoo.com/ and tap Add Source.
  • Tap Done to finish.






Raisoo Peel T3 T4 Installation CydiaRaisoo Peel T3 T4 Cydia Add Sources

                             Raisoo Peel T3 T4 Cydia Add SourcesRaisoo Peel T3 T4 Cydia Add Sources

Step 2: Install the Raisoo Phone and Messages apps

  • In Cydia, on the bottom click Manage, select Sources. Click the Raisoo.com source and install the Raisoo app.
  • After the installation of the required software, the Phone and Messages icons will appear on the home screen.

                                Raisoo Peel T3 T4 Cydia Install Raisoo AppRaisoo Peel T3 T4 Cydia Install Raisoo App

                                Raisoo Peel T3 T4 Cydia Install Raisoo AppRaisoo Peel T3 T4 Cydia Install Raisoo App

Step 3: Install the Raisoo Peel and Reboot the iPod

Note: We will make a new video regarding the installation of the SIM for the Raisoo Peel very soon.

  • Insert your SIM card(s) in the slots on the back of the device.
  • Slide your iPod in the case and activate the Raisoo Peel by pressing the red power button on the side of the device for 5 seconds.
  • The Raisoo Peel will vibrate to indicate that it is ON.
  • Open the Phone app, then tap Settings, then Register. Enter your Raisoo Peel’s IMEI (it will be printed on its box). Tap Register. It should indicate “Success”.
  • Restart your iPod Touch.
  • Done! Tap the new installed apps to start calling and texting!


This section explains some common issues users have experienced.

  • NO SIM or Invalid SIM: Make sure any PIN or PUK has been removed from your SIM card.
  • GPRS Settings: We cannot help you with the GPRS Connection settings (they are different for every carrier in the world). Please contact your carrier for more info.
  • IMEI/SN Error: Make sure you typed your IMEI correctly. If you did, contact us with your IMEI and iPod’s Serial Number.
  • Settings pane crashes: Please use iFunbox to delete “/User/Documents/RaisooSettings.plist” and“/User/Documents/recentcalldb.sql“, then reboot your iPod twice. Refer to this site for instructions.
  • Device won’t charge: Try plugging the USB cable at reverse – that is, with the small rectangle icon facing downwards instead of the original way. Some dock connectors have been reported to be inversed – this doesn’t affect your Peel’s functionality by any way.
  • SMS won’t send: Make sure the contact has the country code added to its number. Otherwise you might just be able to reply to their texts.





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